Mission Vision

What you expect from Premium Health Provider

The foundation of our success in Premium Health Provider relies mainly with our synergistically formulated proprietary blend of natural and organic products. We believe that wellness should be a way of life that is why we make it our goal to provide you with the safest, high quality and most of all: effective products. We give you the best in what nature can offer and synergistically combined each ingredient to optimize nutrient delivery making it highly absorbed by the body.

The PHP Mission

Our business is built on products, and powered by people - people just like you. If you are not yet a Distributor of Premium Health Providers, now is the better time to join us.

  • To become the top provider of healthy products and alternative wellness service in the country.
  • To affiliate in corporate and individual alliances thru direct selling business.
  • To assist individuals to become self-determined entrepreneur, and also to become proficient in alternative healing and wellness industry.

Why choose us?

Today, we are experiencing phenomenal business growth. Through new technologies, new initiatives and your continued patronage, Premium Health Providers will continue to create effective programs that will strengthen your network building. Currently, our manufacturing facility is being built. This will ensure the quality of our products and at the same time maintain affordability and supply.

Our Startup Year

Started Premium Health Providers as a means to provide natural high quality health enhancing nutritional supplements and at the same time endow an alternative income source to many families.


Gearing up for Higher Grounds

Providing you with world class products - The PHP Manufacturing Plant started ground activities and soon finish construction to provide a globally competitive health brands.


Phenomenal Business Growth

Through new technologies, new initiatives and continued patronage, Premium Health Provider captured hearts of many people and has given away 65 Brand New Cars in a span of over a year and growing.


Opening Large scale portals

Targeting 100,000 active members both local and global. Get into high gear and experience a whole new world of network marketing.

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