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FDA FR No.: 0110827
Natural and Organic Vitamin C Complex
Premium C: It's Almost Complete

PREMIUM C: 100% natural vitamin c complex calcium ascorbate + magnesium and zinc (chlorella) with trace minerals.

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PREMIUM C: 100% natural vitamin c complex calcium ascorbate + magnesium & zinc (chlorella) with trace minerals. Premium c is one of the latest breakthroughs in non-acidic vitamin C. it contains Calcium ascorbate that boost our immune system to fight bacterial and viral infections. Zinc, Magnesium and CGF from Chlorella were also added to get the full spectrum of nutrients needed by the body.

CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) is known to promote physical growth and development and repair damaged cell in the body. Research also suggests that chlorella may have anti-tumor activity against breast cancer. It is commonly used as treatment for duodenal ulcer, gastritis, hypertension, diabetes, hypoglycemia, asthma and constipation.

Premium C is a powerful anti-oxidant, prevents bacterial and viral diseases, immune system booster, and energy booster and helps improve clear vision.

Main Components:
  • Calcium Ascorbate
  • Magnesium (Chlorella)
  • Zinc (Chlorella)
  • with Trace Minerals

Specifications and contents for Premium C

Product Name: Premium C
Product Code: 909-009
Category: Supplements
Content: 500mg/capsule
Capsules 50 capsules/bottle
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • One of the Best products I have ever tried and I have no regrets in joining the Premium Health Provider. I would stay long for it keeps my family healthy and as well as I earn from it. Go PHP!
    Herbert Ejera: Cebu City
  • The best thing about PHP Products is what it has done for my family. Just putting PHP Products into our lives changed it tremendously, and now we are able to have a healthy lifestyle and earn at the same time.
    Ginah Laurente: Davao City
  • Noong una gusto ko lng itry ang mga products ng PHP. Then it so happened that naging part na ng everyday supplement namin. My friends always ask me how i keep my age so healthy,then i told them yung mga benefits ng iniinum ko na galing sa PHP. After such time, kumikita na pala ako. THANKS to PHP.
    Jhon Kevin Acuna: Quezon City

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